Are you sick of watching your football team come up short on Game Day?

There’s nothing more frustrating for a football coach. You work on it all week long in practice.

Rep after rep. Drill after drill.

Day in and day out. You’re busting your butt. Trying to win football games.

But on game day? The results aren’t there.

That play that should have devastated their defense? Your players don’t execute.

Missing blocks. Botched hand-offs. Sloppy routes.

It’s embarrassing. These kids look like they’ve never been coached. And everyone is blaming you.

You know the truth, though. Maybe no one else sees it, Coach. But you do.

You were one good block away from busting loose. The back missed that seam. The Quarterback didn’t trust his progression.

You worked on this all week. Why can't they Execute!?

Not to put all the blame on the the players, of course. It’s not entirely their fault.

They could be more committed. Understand the value of hard work.

Understand how amazing the game of football is… and how fortunate they are to be playing it.

They could understand this game the way that you do. You’re working your tail off for this football team!

But kids are kids. Adults? That’s different. Your coaches could do a better job, too. They should know better.

They should know the value of studying. The value of teaching. The value of hard work.

You need more help. Good help.

Sometimes you feel responsible for teaching every single piece of the offense. Every position on the field. Every skill needs your attention.

You can only do so much.

There’s a few coaches who are just collecting a paycheck. You don’t even know why they’re there.

But there’s some other guys… they’d be great coaches, with the right direction. If you had time to teach them. To mentor them.

But you’re so busy putting out the day to day fires. It’s impossible to find the time.

Right now, they’re just glorified babysitters. Those coaches can run a drill. But he can’t teach anything.

Speaking of adults…  parents! Yeah. Let’s move on.

(If you can’t say anything nice…)

There’s got to be a solution though. Coaches are turning programs around all over the country. Every season.

Football teams are winning. With less talent than what you have.

Maybe not much less… but it is possible. You know it is. And the future looks bright with the players you have coming up! If you can just get them to reach their full potential.

You need to make it happen.

You are responsible for the Success or Failure your players have.

That’s why I’ve developed The Pistol Power Offense System. To take your football team to that level of success where they belong.

To that place where the hard work finally pays off.

Your football team will execute on the field better. Score more touchdowns this season. Win more games. If you commit to my Offensive Coaching System.

My name is Joe Daniel. I’m the host of The Football Coaching Podcast. That show is downloaded by football coaches all over the world. The podcast was download 18,099 times in January 2017, alone.

In 2016 I was identified by the Hudl 100 as a Top Leader of Change. Along with coaches like Pete Carroll, Tony Dungy and Shaka Smart. I’ve been published in American Football Monthly, Gridiron Strategies, and, among others.

But what matters to you, is my Pistol Power Offense System. It’s a system that over 3,000 football coaches have learned from over the last 2 years.

Your Offense will score more points with this System.

The Pistol Power Offense System is… well, a system that uses Power as one of our base plays. And Pistol as one of our Quarterback alignments.

But only one. We ran from the Gun a lot last season. Next season, we expect to be under center the majority of the time.

Power is just one of the plays from the Gap Scheme in the System. There is also a Zone Scheme.

And that’s the beauty of the System. 2 base run blocking schemes. Easy to learn. The rules never change.

Once your players known them, they can apply those rules to a huge variety of plays.

Confuse the defense even more using a simple system of formations and motions. Create multiple looks and make your offense seem way more complex than it really is.

You can also use those formations and motions to help identify the defense, create match-up advantages, and exploit weaknesses in your opponent’s defense.

It’s all about giving the edge back to your Offense.

But this isn’t a run, run, run type of System. It’s balance. As balanced as you want to be.

In fact, in 2014 using the Pistol Power Offense System, our offense had almost the exact same number of yards on the ground, as in the air.

The System uses an integrated approach to the passing game. The timing in the system is nearly perfect because the pass protection, passing concepts, and Quarterback reads are all tied together.

This is a true System. Every piece was designed to work together. In perfect harmony.

The centerpiece of the Pistol Power Offense System is the 5 module, step by step training course. Coaches with any level of experience can follow along and build from the ground up.

The 565 minutes of streaming video are divided up over 88 easy to digest segments. No long sessions in front of the computer (unless you want to!). This is unmatched detail that goes deeper than any playbook, DVD or clinic talk ever could.

In less than 6 weeks, any coach can be an Offensive expert. And it takes only about 90 minutes a week. And all of the videos are easily downloadable, so you can take them on the go.

The Pistol Power Offense System includes the printable Playbook, too. Get everything on paper so that you, your coaches and even your players can study up and be ready to execute when you hit the field.

(Ok, our players don’t study the playbook… the coaches do. The players learn on the field)

There’s also Live Game Cut-Ups. See the offense executed on the field. In the real world. By high school football players. Just like the one’s you coach.

The System also makes sure you get all that knowledge from your brain, to the field. So that you can see the results on Game Day.

That happens by using our Fundamental Drills package. The drills your players need to develop the skills required, to execute on Game Day.

You can even hand these drills off to one of those ‘other’ coaches, and trust that the job will get done.

You've got to have a Plan if you expect to Succeed.

The Pistol Power Offense System will get your Offense to execute using efficient, carefully designed practice plans that build your player’s skills from the ground, up.

Then there’s the Game Planning. How you can put it all together for the Big Game. The System helps you put together a plan for attacking any defensive scheme.

Without changing your identity. Without confusing your players. Without installing a bunch of new plays every week.

I put this System together so that your football players finally learn that hard work does pay off. When you do it the right way.

And I’m going to make sure that happens. That’s why the System also includes access to the PPO Private Forums. I’m in there every single day, answering your questions.

This System goes full circle. From helping you learn the basics with the training… to being there when you hit a snag, need an adjustment, or need to crank up the intensity all the way to 11.

In the Private Forums, you get the answers you need to adapt the Pistol Power Offense System to your athletes. Your coaches. Your unique situation.

I’m excited for your football team. To finally achieve greatness. I’m excited for you, as a football coach.

The Pistol Power Offense System is the break through your Football Team has been looking for.

I didn't say 'Waiting For'. Don't wait.

Football coaching don’t wait. We make it happen.

I’m so confident that The Pistol Power Offense System is perfect for your football team, that I’m giving you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

And all the materials are completely downloadable. That means you could literally Steal My Stuff.

You could download every video. Keep it on your hard drive. And ask for your money back.

But you won’t. Once you get into this System, you’ll realize it’s worth every penny. And a whole lot more.

The Pistol Power Offense System also features a No Friction Cancellation. You can cancel right from the website. No phone call. No email. No hassle.

What do you have to lose?

A few more days. A few more weeks. A few more steps in the wrong direction.

A few more games.

Compare that to what you have to gain.

Improvement. Success. Greatness. Championships.

Your team can reach all new heights, when you dive into The Pistol Power Offense System today.

What to do now?

The Pistol Power Offense System is available now as part of JDFB Coaching Systems. When you become a JDFB Coaching Systems client, you'll get access to 5 Complete Coaching Systems.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that The Pistol Power Offense System is perfect for your football team, that I’ll let you check it out for 30 Days. If you don’t think this System can help your football team, I’ll give you your money back. And all you have to do is ASK. No friction.

All the materials are completely downloadable. That means you could literally Steal My Stuff. You could download every video. Keep it on your hard drive. And ask for your money back.

I don’t believe you’ll do that. I know The Pistol Power Offense is going to help your Football team light up the Scoreboard this season.

Within moments, your Pistol Power Offense System credentials will be emailed to you. Then you can log in through the website and access all of your Pistol Power Offense System resources. Available for immediate download.

You can start changing your football team, right now.

Time is running out on your next Football Season already. Every minute you wait is a missed opportunity to get better.

The competition is hard at work. They’re getting better right now. What are you doing?

You can’t keep doing what your football team has been doing before. Not if you expect a change. That’s the definition of insanity!

Click the orange ‘Buy Now’ button right now. Put your Football Team on the path to greatness. Today.

~ Joe Daniel


This is a Complete Coaching System. One of the best there is.

Your football players won’t play this game forever. It’s all about doing what is right for them.

Step up and give your players the coaching that they deserve. They’ve only got one shot.

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Can’t wait to see you, in The Pistol Power Offense System.